Welcome to three bags full

It seems to me there are nearly as many mummy bloggers as there are mummies. It’s great so many women have the drive to think and create, and have found a forum to share and connect.  In adding another to the ether, this blog is not intended to brag or preach or critique.  I have no special skill or mothering prowess to impart.  After all, I am still playing grownups.  I just feel like writing.  And despite the relentless monotony (and militarised diary) of parenting three kids under five, every now and then – like when the older two are at childcare and the baby naps – I find myself with 10 minutes, a pen and a headful.  So here I am.

Why “three bags full”? Patently, because of the nursery rhyme.  But there are other connections.  We have three children, so we have our hands full, if not our metaphorical bags.  There are the three basic facets of our lives: work, rest and play (meant to be enjoyed in equal measure.  Ha!).  It could be a reflection on the needs and wants of the three main protagonists in my life: me, my husband and (as a collective, until they can wipe their own bums) the kids.  Maybe it’s all of the above.  Or maybe I just like the name and like a horoscope, shouldn’t try to find meaning where there isn’t any.

When I have those fleeting moments of quiet (warped as they are by the post-natal fug), my mind repeatedly rests on a key realisation: my life will forevermore be busy. Really busy.  Every minute could be filled with some kind of something.  Feeding, washing, shopping, cleaning, Instagramming, organising, self-diagnosing, negotiating, singing, catastrophising and pelvic floor exercises (note to self: must start those tomorrow).

My goal in this exercise is some personal insight into how, amongst all those calls to busyness, I can eke out some quiet: to look quietly at my garden through the window; to covertly watch my kids argue over a plastic cow and wonder at their miraculous creation. The irony of diverting my spare time blogging towards this end isn’t lost on me.  But I’m hoping that by writing I will in a sense be meditating – drowning out all else, to focus on that one point.  Thinking deeply and purposefully instead of skittishly and lazily.  So selfishly, this blog is really for me.  If you get something out of it too, all the better.  I hope you enjoy being here as much as I hope to.

x A

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